Zacheriah Kramer


A prose-poem, published in Ruminate magazine, issue 39, Magnificent Frailty:

The Contingent
Finally he slept. His infant body tangible as warm gold rafted on my rib cage, afloat the waves of my breath. Air we shared. Commandeered. I could almost sense the sea water ebbing in us both, ancient beyond comprehension, shoring our thin sheathes of soil. How strangely like oceans we are. Memories arose from trans-Atlantic flights when exhaustion stripped my mind of blind trust in regularities and vague comfort in statistics and aerodynamics. My naked heartbeat wobbled like a water balloon hurled over vast seas, and for a moment my lidless eyes beheld the world unclothed, bold in its contingency. What love holds things for a time, then lets go? I clutched my son, falling handless into the infinite.


To Paint Naked in a Roaring River - From an evening lecture given at The Florence Academy of Art in April 2015
This paper discusses the importance of sensory experience in our understanding of the world, and underlines my reasons for painting from life and not from